Double-layered truffle Cake

Yummy Double-Layered truffle Chocolate Cake

Yummy double- layered chocolate cake is very delicious. It is very easy recipe. You can serve it on special occasion like birthdays by making it at home with less time.Here are method to make it with simple steps.


For the Dark Chocolate truffle [Icing]( "Icing (food)")

For [White Chocolate]( "White chocolate") Icing

To Be Mixed Into A Soaking Syrup


We can make two type of double layered truffle cake. Here are two methods to make a cake i.e white chocolate cake and dark chocolate cake. in this only the truffle icing is different tip is same for both cakes.

 For The Dark truffle Icing:

For The White Chocolate Truffle Icing:

Double-layered truffle Cake

 Tip (used for both cakes):