Tasty Easy Poha Recipes

Tasty Easy Poha Recipe

Tasty Easy Poha Recipe is very yummy and delicious dish. It is one of my favorite dish. It is very Easy to make. Tasty poha recipe is Indian dish whick you can make at home with a less time. You can used it as a snack or in a breakfast. It is made by using rice. Here i give u a simple steps by following which you can make this poha very easily.



In this am using a rice to make this. I make it in a microwave because its little bit easy in a microwave.For making a poha there is a requirement of flattened rice and some more ingredients and two type of oil like coconut oil and refined oil.These all ingredients has their own importance so have to use it in its defined amount like  in the case of red chilli poewder if we use a more amount of it than it can effect your taste.Following are some steps to make this tasty easy poha recipes.